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[audio]Podcast April 15th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Pupilar - Long speeches; I'm talking to you Muff Wiggler - 4rg Asymetrical Head - Oscil Wilde Sonic Love - Dope v0.9 VO Origami republika - free 16 year album: Synergika - llhc221203 Genitalia - Smear Campaign Minimalistika - x15 defrag All Stars - Bovill Intelligentmachinery.net presents: Pieces Gurdonark - Soul Gourd Nakjaarna - Dome The Silence Bureau - Through these broken pieces VO Cato six: - Quartz Ver - Little hopin Jam - Kittensfslx Richard Jonas aka...
Downloads: 17
[audio]Podcast March 19th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Subterrestial - Transmissions from the hollow earth (Subterrestial) - Transmission 3 - Transmission 5 VO Bandwith = Ayankoko + Matthieu Garrouste Bandwith - Walking ghost phase (Ayan Records) - Phase 1.1 - Phase 2.1 - Phase 2.3 VO Zoogoo - Zancing (Earsheltering) - IG6 - Tippity tap crack 7 - It's all in your head - Crazy nells VO pArt of the streets introducing the artist: Can Two Micah Frank - Tectonic (self released) - Tectonic Josef Nadek - [zak] (The vegetab...
Keywords: ntns radio; Subterrestrial; Bandwith; Zoogoo; Micah Frank; Josef Nadek
Downloads: 53
[audio]Podcast September 29th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire vs John Peel Annode - After a thursday rain [edit] Hunter - Dawn struggle Blaster78 - Inspired by a Dutchman Svartling - Haunting wind Respirator - ETA : 19.30 VO Mr. Gaus - Cell EP (NBK records) Overflow Intro Scene II Detach Session Like this bones VO V/A From a darkened pool (darkwinter) Controlled Dissonance - Enclosed in Circles Samsa - Deportation point Mystified - Spinning downward Dreaming the seed - Waterhole Fabio Keiner - Heaven wakes a moon II VO Whyterabbyt - one mi...
Downloads: 33
[audio]Podcast May 12th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel OCP - Miramar Silence Bureau - Futuree composition for ancient technology Gunter Adler - Polareis alsamin Mangenerated- Mechanical Seagull Duam - Muerte en quechue VO Nebris - IV Feverdreams - Surroundings part 1 VO Demons that Drove - Demons that drove - Order of the 36 - Wasteland Children of Wrath - Brainstormtroopers - Seren Dew - Toggingristle VO Monsters of Pot - Cold Weight - Cave dweller Ghost Money - Kiss my void - Field Forming - Day 5 VO the nonpod-sect...
Downloads: 16
[audio]Podcast December 22nd 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Dust - PY 2 6 live Jack Solium - Chikhai bardo Hemadrone - Holidangst algo - Wateray Khate - Gingerale VO Repetition/Distract - Peripheral geometries (NoType) - Gnawing through the draperies - Belita - March of the soft fungus - Live at the Sheraton conference center - Halogen breathing lungs VO Highlighted artists: Balog - a linear sequence of scares Highlighted artist: F-AZT - Medusa - Interlude VO nonpod album: Ben Frost - Theory of Machines (Bedroom community)...
Downloads: 22
[audio]podcast June 30th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel Sickle - Inert Whyterabbyt - Chernobyl map I (vector) The Wretch - TerrorDubAlpha Hemadrone - RF Microcosm, rough cut VO Itaru Kawai - Logical Consumer - Bell - clic-a-translation - Pit 118 - clic-a-pulsenation - Loading - Send-it - L-R-Pulse - Insert a cunsumre - Reflection VO CPRL - Band-aid - Time flies when you're having fun or not FRVescent - Spacey 08 - Summer VO Big City Orchestra - Boom Crash Crash - fearless - chimestar - pineconelive - foot - buddah6...
Downloads: 14
[audio]Podcast Decembert 8th 2007 - mystahr
Voice overs are accompanied by tracks taken from the Thaw album Field recordings from Minnesota' (wandering ear) PODCAST pt.1 Delia Derbyshire does John Peel NewbyBrad - Mary Normal - A secret life Pure - Polar variations Zeroes & the one - Antimatter Containment field 01 Karl Heinz Stockhausen - Stimmung Wednesday VO Jazzkammer - Turntable surface fireball 2 (Frigada) - Side one - Side two VO Highlighted Artists: Vlubä - 2 - akarp2 - The tremors mountain - unireverse VO Nonpod album: Colleen -...
Downloads: 31
[audio]Podcast January 5th 2008 - mystahr
January 19th 2008 PODCAST Pt. 1 Delia Derbyshire does John Peel xoxos - Heardbit Rktic - Entrance 303 Normal - Margent I am nini - _ _ _ _ _ Kearley - Peace and noise Khate - Ggg VO Sublamp - Shiverland (Serac) - Airsnowtree - New ears new eyes - Animal face - Blind fingers - Glimmerspeed VO Highlighted artist: Maybe Mental/Dali's Daughter/Psychic Head Charge Maybe Mental - gargolis - borderline - desertdwellers Dali's Daughter - Why not - Maybe Mental Psychic Head Charge - 111111 - Bonkie VO No...
Downloads: 47
[audio]Podcast November 24th 2007 - mystahr
Voiceovers were accompanied by demo's from KvRaudio.com's Developer Challenge 2007 winner: xoxos PODCAST Part 1 Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Vespers - Despolation Mystified - Static Shimmer Runagate - Selected Febrility vurt - broke Tuz - Human interference VO Takeshi Nakamura - Miscellaneous goods (Zymogen) - Degeneration - Midwinter, midnight - Dining table - Gap - Array VO Highlighted Artists: Penelopex - NOtitle - Trapped in an infinite room Highlighted Artist: Sabrina Siegel - 3.26 (Fl...
Downloads: 13
[audio]Podcast December 4th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Herzog - Small loves (Audio Gourmet) - Small loves - Aubade - Once they know VO Cho and The Martyrs Like Eric and Dylan - Remixes for Cho Seung Hui (Biodata) - I let my hard in Virginia (Niopo Poreri mix) - Benzoyl Peroxude (EHS mix) - Las ruinas circulares (Guilherme Darisbo mix) VO (well not really tiny & Lau preparing for x-mas) The infant t(h)ree - The infant t(h)ree (Laverna) - Kalitta dogs - Il suono forse - L'infante - Child of 50 VO Christopher McFall - A...
Keywords: ntns radio; Herzog; Cho and The Martyrs Like Eric and Dylan; The infant t(h)ree; Christopher McFall; Chiste; Third I; Mikrodepresja; Ryan Gregory Tallman; Dark Impressionists
Downloads: 18
[collection]Not Normal That Sh*t - mystahr
Not Normal That Sh*t is a new net.label. Well not entirely new as it has been around since the beginning of 2008. All the tracks that are released on any of the compilation albums have been released before. So what makes this compilation series unique then? Well the fact that all these tracks have been played on the (now) weekly NTNS radio-shows is a first common; all tracks have been hand-selected and the individual artists have given permission to be featured on these albums...
Downloads: 38
[audio]Summerthyme [tmth02E] - Mystahr
It seems only yesterday it was Sprimmer, and now it is Summerthyme already! Thyme certainly does fly when sounds are being cooked up in Mystahr's Dutch scientist studio, and listeners will no doubt have a picnic with this release, whether it be hotdogs or circuit boards on the barbecue. If anything the tracks on "Summerthyme" are like physics experiments that have gone horribly right. If a human being could survive inside an atom-smasher, these sounds are much like what one would expect to see...
Downloads: 1,914
[audio]Podcast March 3rd 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Annihilist - Predatory Stars Nebris - untitled Cron - Pop Cron - Shortwave139 VO Tim Olive, Carrie Gates & John Vaughn - Floors - Footnote VO Jessica Rylan - Homesick - All over town - Gift to the fanboys The Wretch - Live minimal jam Batcheeba - Dark Rabbit - Infection loves the child VO The frequency Project - Far far away - Ebb & Flow (BvK) Building castles out of matchsticks - There are no chance meetings - The end Normal - the wolves of memory VO -not podcast...
Keywords: Annihilist, Nebris, Tim Olive, Carrie Gates & John Vaughn, Jessica Rylan, Batcheeba, The frequency Project, Khate, Controlled Dissonance, Jack Bohlen Book Club, Scanner, NTNS radio
Downloads: 56
[collection]NTNS Radio Archive - mystahr
NTNS Radio Archive; The name expresses its content allready. Not the normal Shit radio is archiving it's older shows to archive.org. Here you'll find the podcasts with their respective playlists. Enjoy NTNS radio is broadcasted every saturdaymorning; we focus on experimental music in the broadest sense of the word, where the music that we play is 100% free. All music is Creative Commons licensed music and available for your own download pleasure...
Downloads: 32
[audio]mystahr - pfft! - mystahr
Pfft is a thank you to inspirors and inspired to appreciators and appreciated Sound must soar! Mindsculptures made in the summer/fall of 2006 that have now fruited long enough for the sweet to cream the bitter. 4 quarter tracks of live improv soundscaping and noise; let it soar! The zip file holds 4 tracks @ 320kbs 1 - Paris 2 - Frientune 3 - Frenatics 4 - Trabadouer
Keywords: experimental; drones; improv; live electronica
Downloads: 53
[collection]Mystahr - Mystahr
Download free music. Concerts in the Live Music Archive are available for download and streaming in formats including flac, mp3, and ogg vorbis.
Downloads: 35
[audio]Podcast July 28th 2007 - mystahr
Delia fucks up John Peel Jan Nemecek - der Rote Fluss pHz - Bruised machine Miro - Under my radar Column - Prae numbra Rachmiel - Let me out VO Ampec - Random Situations - kkkkk - Masmo - Mensos - Retigg - Minm VO Intelligentmachinery Singles [IMS] IMS001 - Jack & Chloe - Interrogate IMS002 - Sighup - Face - face 1 - face 2 VO editH10Sdat - Live at the Teatro de Arena 2005 - Then he left us to meet the moon (to John Balance) - movimento 1, movimento 3 Squizo Cactus - Dada Invisible Museum - Cact...
Downloads: 13
[audio]Podcast July 14th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel Bright white noise - Night of the living dead Na-Koja-abad - Passage Khadhulu WhyteRabbyt vs. Emerald Tablet - evoks Esruk - 03 VO Takeshi Nakumura - Ordinary Days - Foolish Love - Dozed off - Peaceful days - Voices - River in the ocean VO Zeromoon sampler III - An explanation of difficult music - Critikal - Fuselage - Normal Music - Fingerspitzengefuhl - The Musique Concrete Ensemble - Pink Circo Schal & Reich 2.0 - Kreisenband Friedrichshain - Herzlich dank ...
Downloads: 21
[audio]Podcast May 26th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel vurt - 80 below Wouter van Veldhoven - Tapewall and guitar Lotusloop - Sandmoss - symmetrized flow Technofonic Chamber Orchestra - pribor 1856 Khate - Toyfest VO VoodooArtist - Pink Fried - How to make a cheesesteak - Please allow me to meet your fist - Vibration is dancing Lofihile - Analog Angels, Digital Demons - Nitro - Quite short - Quite short 2 - Night adjustment VO Project Dust - the full project 5 short tracks Distopia - Non Entity - mainstream - Indu...
Downloads: 12
[audio]Podcast October 13th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Nebris - Kald Vae Solis - The piss soaked heart of Kronos Supernova69 - Electra apoc VO 833-45 - Passages (No type) - Potentia ordinata - Cobblestones - Terres Inconnues - Outer gate - Passages (for Morton Feldman) VO Makunouchi Bento - Avebell (Arhiva) - Bell Lugosi is dead - Two mechanical snowghosts - Ielaidoim - Devil's Monocle VO Kaneel - Inside it (Camomille) - Inside it - Idols broken - Hard to - Detune me - Kaneel's groove - Sad lil boy will die VO non-pod...
Downloads: 33
[audio]Podcast November 20th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Phillip Wilkerson - Particle (Just not Normal) - Particle, zwei - Particle, vier - Particle, sieben VO Takeshi Nakamura - Music for 14 years old (Entity) - Chaos before the chaos - The chaos - Loop-02 - Loop-05 VO Augzf - Dash (AugZF) - Jawa diasc - Azipa - Starseed Lure - PuwpC63 - 1389 VO Pous - Electric city (No Echo) - Three miles high - Kaffein - Haler - 08 clocks VO TT vox - Silent poet (Mimi) - Silent poet - Dashing wolf - Lily of grief - Burn type-o - Sto...
Keywords: ntns radio; Phillip Wilkerson; Takeshi Nakamura; Augzf; Pous; TT vox; Mufi.re; Install; Federico Barabino & Guillaume Gargaud; Rakombinacje
Downloads: 49
[audio]Podcast March 17th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up Peel Feralcatscan = - Unfolding The Silence Bureau - Live at Nanci Raygun Controlled dissonance - Ferric Oxide Spectres VO ioioi (album: bright future) - La fille qui donne le bonheur - aiuto - faye wong, slappis, plippa Emilie Skog - Catch that goat Tim Conrady - Gorath VO xoxos - city of anglers - harmonics EW - Brainfunk3 - Future Shock Effacer - Atol, Grand Mal VO Anna Troisi, Christina Vetrone, Enza Pagliara, Redi Hasa, Christine Aztori, Manuela Salinaro - Track 5 ...
Keywords: NTNS radio, archives
Downloads: 28
[audio]JNN047 - Summer Solstice Live - Mystahr
This hour+ long performance happened on the Summer Solstice. The kind people of Electro-Music.com had their annual online festival which had gathered 25 electronic musicians from around the globe. It certainly was a special event that we'll certainly see and hear more from in the future. Definately a privilege to be a part of this event, so thanks go out to the organizers and people behind electro-music Furthermore the watchful eye may have noticed the TR2 reference in the artwork...
Keywords: Live electronics, improv, experimental, field recordings, tape music, analog synthesizers, Live performance, Free release, Creative Commons, Just not Normal
Downloads: 104
[audio]Podcast August 11th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel Effacer - Reach Normal - The hat on the bed vurt - popmix Disgracer X vs Sickle - Mary go Round VO El lazo invisible - Azar [sub] - te compro un refresco - te regalo una mandarina - Oredenandome Disco invisible Karen Muro - padez code vida Pamela Vera - Mi Tijuana diaria Efrain Salinas - Voriflorina VO Schematic Sounds Volume 1 The Raytownians - Accelerated Decay Torstein Wjiik - Black day, white light (pt.1) Cosmic Atomia - Outer space & beyond boron jive lep...
Downloads: 28
[audio]Podcast January 1st 2011 - mystahr
Todays show is yet another podcasted show. And for those that find a host irritating can consider themselves lucky; today it's only music. But not just some music. Today's playlist is near random picks in a fully randomized order from but two releases: JNN050 no-R-mal ánd JNN100 no-R-mal II Delia Derbyshire - does John Peel Nagual art - Niobe and the sea Joe Frawley - The theory of Emily Given Willingly - Dedicated to a lost cause Somnaphon - Eye Calypso Dennis McCarty - Plays Saba taksim C ...
Keywords: ntns radio; podcast
Downloads: 28
[audio]Podcast August 25th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - Reductive Mon0 - Prototype A Fake - Found it - now what Steamheated - Live moments VO 1=0 - Por debajo de las cosas ordinarias (Montgo records) - presencia humana - viento cambiante - presencia superior - Industria Proxima - Moviemento telurico - Calma perturbada VO Controlled Dissonance - Rotary (IM) - Bass Guitar - Solo cup - Glass Vase - Contact Mic VO Joe Frawley - Sound Collage (picomedia) - Invocation of pan - Wilhelmina's d...
Downloads: 27
[audio]Podcast September 15th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire fucks up John Peel Hopen - Henry Death Machilno Justin 3AM - Ode to Kusanagi Rsmus7 - Dark-o-Dark Mystahr - Possible Mindscratch VO Julie la Rousse - Reves(NoType) - Reve (1) - Reve (2) - Reve (3) - Reve (4) VO Feralcatscan - a sampler 4 tracks VO Haco (featured artist) - Cutting vegetables - Deep sky - Dat - Moonshadow in Cuba - bugfield1 - Conveyor belt sushi VO non-pod section: Jim O'Rourke - I'm happy and I'm smiling (Mego) - I'm happy - and I'm smiling - and a 1,2,3,4 VO Cl...
Downloads: 34
[audio]Spring Theory [tmth014] - Mystahr
Spring Theory Mystahr's eighth album, and first for Timetheory, taking a small leap from his usual (www. intelligentmachinery. net) nest, "Spring Theory" was created almost overnight. The coming of spring and the lengthening of days was like a breath of inspiration and in a sense "Spring Theory" created itself when all the pieces fell into place as oft is the case in his Dutch scientist studio. All three tracks were created using three spring reverbs and thus the spring theory was proven...
Downloads: 3,067
[audio]Podcast January 29th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel A damned-age - Fragile (Camomille) - Seclusion - Nachtseiten VO Project 5AM - The yellow book (aReW) - My erratic lullaby - Momijgari - Three boys at lake tanganyika - From superman to man VO Clayton Thomas & Clare Cooper - LVSXY (Audition records) - LVSXY Live at altes finanzamt VO HandJob - Except the death in this street (Unwash) - Except the death in this street interlude Carlos Ramirez - Chemical reaction (Surrism Phonoethics) - Chemical reaction - Polarize2...
Keywords: ntns radio; Adamned Age; Project 5AM; Clayton Thomas; Clare Cooper; Handjob; Carlos Ramirez; Heidseck; Ricardo Webbens; Technology of Silence; Impossible nothing
Downloads: 39
[audio]Mystahr - Come neigh come Noize - Mystahr
Its been well over a year since we last heard from the mad Dutchman, Mystahr, but the long days have not mellowed this purveyor of audacious analog atrocities. "Come neigh come Noize" is narrow of purpose and wide of vision -- seeking to immerse the listener in seemingly endless washes of atonal noise. With far reaching sounds that range from subtle background drones to brutal in-your-face dissonance, "Come neigh come Noize" is a brilliant showcase of the improvisational prowess by which Mystahr...
Keywords: Experimental; Noise; Improv; Electronica
Downloads: 141
[audio]Podcast February19th - 4 year anniversary - mystahr
Deliah Derbyshire - does John Peel Achnn - Live on NTNS radio May 2nd 2009 VO Mystahr collaborations: Eric Wistrand meets mystahr - The boss' lecture [punkstahr mix] Mystahr feat. Har - Uknighted Esau Radio Studio vs. Mystahr - Stones [the noize track] Mystahr meets Donovan - Guitar überlord VO Khate Live! interlude Mystahr - Driving up the wall Mystahr - Here come the hums Mystahr - Refinition (remaster) Mystahr - Mysterious hugs VO Turmoil Live on NTNS radio august 23rd 2008 VO Mystahr vs...
Keywords: ntns radio; 4 year anniversary
Downloads: 17
[audio]Podcast October 27th 2007 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Fitch - SpaceDrive Fate att - Awakeling Farlukar - Gah Freeztar - Sword Project Dust - 08 VO D'incise - C'est juste les murs qui changent (LEEP) - Avant il y avait un foret - Pathologies - Changer de chambre - Le papier peint se decolle - Quand l'economisme m'empeche de dormir - Jauger le mouvement - Synapses VO Mystified - Ear tools (Umbrella Noize) - Quotidian flood - Bird chop - Steam long dropped - Chop shake and drop - In the fridge - Open up in there - Drops...
Downloads: 15
[etree]Mystahr Live at NTNS internet radio on 2006-02-10 - Mystahr
Live performance on NTNS radio february 10th 2006
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 493 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(4 reviews)
[etree]Mystahr Live at www.stillstream.com on 2005-05-07 - Mystahr
Truthfully; it's now a year and a half down the line when this was recorded and I couldn't really tell what gear was used, but this is a one-track live chill-scape recording as it was broadcasted directly on stillstream.com radio
Keywords: chill, ambient, live
Downloads: 308
[audio]JNN018 - Mystahr - M14 - Mystahr
The M< series started earlier this year. All noodles that happened live before the start of NTNS radio on Stillstream.com. Live electronic improv that went from noise to drones. The 14th edition was recorded in high quality for a change and in hindsight for good reason. Today you can share the fruits in this pinnacle of noodlery. And temporarily available as a flac file as well (only untill december 9th)
Keywords: Live, improv, experimental, noise, analog, just not normal, creative commons
Downloads: 220
[audio]JNN07-Mystahr-Mtiful - Mystahr
We all are nothing; and so we shall return. And from that emptiness grew Mtiful; meanderings through the field of experimental improv electronics. This album journeys into the physics of sound and its electronic behaviour, frantically trying to control that which lies beyond our touch. Like the chaos and unpredictability of nature, so this album shares of the deeper layers of life. Dare to dig the soil upon which we tread; dare to dive in the realm of a mad scientist mind called mystahr.
Keywords: Experimental; improv; live electronica; feedback; noise; dark ambience
Downloads: 272
[audio]Podcast December 11th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Motionfield - The sound of snow (Passage) - Part 4 - Part 9 - Part 10 VO Undress béton - Unrecorded tissues (Surrism Phonoethics) - Unrecorded tissues (A side) - Unrecorded tissues (B side) VO (Tiny & Lau) Christine Sehnaoui, Dragos Tara & D'incise - AT ep (Con-V) - AT 1 - AT 2 VO Eric Miller - Sinter (Stasisfield) - Sinter interlude uPlex - Symphony for a kiwi (Self released) - Symphony for a kiwi 3rd movement VO Chris Whitehead - 100 birthdays (Electronic Mu...
Keywords: ntnsradio; Motionfield; Undress Beton; Christine Sehnaoui - Dragos Tara & D'Incise; Eric Miller; Microplex; Chris Whitehead; Saluki Regicide; Plantae; Krabatoff
Downloads: 16
[audio]Mystahr - Mindgames (ca187) - Mystahr
Rummaging through five years of recorded material 5 tracks resurfaced that well deserved a fresh pollish and their own moment in time. Previously unreleased material that stood the test of time and now together form Mindgames, Mystahr's 14th free album. A challenge to the listeners ear as these tracks travel deep into experimental soundage. Most of these recordings were for a large part sequenced on software systems; an abandoned path in the production work of Mystahr...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 18,446
[audio][AMR159] Spark - Mystahr

Keywords: Mystahr, Spark, Amduscias Records
Downloads: 221
[audio]Podcast March 12th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel LeeDVD - First I love (Birdsong) - Exotic - This is the end - Mirror - On the left side of my soul VO Yara - Strange flight (Brusio) - Lonely crowd - Last sunrise - Return VO Temporary project by Niels Hofheinz und Philipp Knappke Boys over IP - Italienische Kunstmusik nach 16 Uhr (Schoenermusic) - Buttfett - der Erb Rechen VO pArt of the street introducing the street art of Ludo Read the Nature's Revenge interview with Ludo...
Keywords: ntns radio; LeeDVD; Yara; Boys over IP; Room101; Castrol
Downloads: 32
[audio]Podcast January 22nd 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Kirill Platonkin - R Ep (Circles and lines) - Raindrops - Rusty daybreak VO FRKTL - Atom B-sides (self released) - Andra - Concord - Spinn VO Sina. - Violent things (Kopp) - Violent things - Veil of tears - Sick - The sleepers - In my house - Time and tide - An unkindness (reprise) - 'Til the end of my days VO Suspicion Breeds Confidence - The pink carpet (Acrylnimbus) - Beyond the infinite body - Demimonde - Kurarchitektur im Herbst interlude NOS Project - NOS P...
Keywords: ntns radio; Kirill Platonkin; FRKTL; Sina; suspicion breeds confidence; NOS project; Kitty Kit; Saffron Slumber; Thierry Massard; Lgor
Downloads: 19
[audio]Podcast January 8th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Mikra - Es ist über ein wenig Rainer Maria Rilke (Just not Normal) - Es ist über ein wenig Rainer Maria Rilke VO Telegraphy - Life without... (Metal oxide malfunction) - Life without color - Life without sound VO Sarah Galán & Edu Comelles - Cello + laptop (Live at el Niu) (AudioTalaia) - Cello and laptop (Live at el Niu Barcelona) interlude Fosel - Octahedron (Petcord) - Gold apples of Cronus II - Dream argument VO Robert Witt - Midazolam (Esc.rec) - 1 ...
Keywords: ntns radio; mikra; telegraphy; sarah Galan; Fosel; Robert Witt; Philippe Faujas; The Marx Trucker; Crook'd Finger; Puin + hoop
Downloads: 22
[audio]Podcast January 15th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Mikra - Es ist über ein wenig Rainer Maria Rilke (Just not Normal) - Es ist über ein wenig Rainer Maria Rilke VO Telegraphy - Life without... (Metal oxide malfunction) - Life without color - Life without sound VO Sarah Galán & Edu Comelles - Cello + laptop (Live at el Niu) (AudioTalaia) - Cello and laptop (Live at el Niu Barcelona) interlude Fosel - Octahedron (Petcord) - Gold apples of Cronus II - Dream argument VO Robert Witt - Midazolam (Esc.rec) - 1 ...
Keywords: ntns radio; paper relics; restin; The 21st century; Mat U Stone; Tribe of Astronauts; David Velez; Drone Wallah; Yuichi Yoshigiwa; RR
Downloads: 28
[audio]Podcast December 18th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Edward Rizo - Soundscapes volume one (self released) - Gestation - Pressurization - Consummate VO Aairria - Distort (Rain) - Only - Sing VO Buben vs Mobin - On the different side of the object (Just not Normal) - RTFM - Help desk interlude Tsone - A sea beyond reckoning (Audio Talaia) - Occident - Buzzard's vessel - Apart from the seasons - Bridges VO Rumo Josuttis & Zatina Kessl - The power of something (Headphonica) - The power of something VO Luis Antero - Rad...
Keywords: ntns radio; Edward Rizo; Aairria; Buben; Tsone; Rumo Josuttis & Zatina Kessl; Luis Antero; Angel Faraldo; ABC100; Javier Pinango
Downloads: 32
[audio]Podcast March 5th 2011 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Mensa - Braid heritage (Resting Bell) - Blackford hill - Hermitage of braid VO Niekto - Lictina (Passage) - Burgo - What - Mii - Magi the great - Kalipla - Sikling VO Kikiilimikilii - Lumens (Heia sun) - Z - Vuh - Prosopopeia - N'bim VO pArt of the street! Introducing: Mark Jenkins Michael Delia & Simon Whetham - Live at Skolska 28 (Cronicaster) - Cronicast 073 Live at Kolska 28 VO Miquel Parera Jaques - ANX05 (Music is the time of numbers) - anx05-1 - anx05-4 Fa...
Keywords: ntns radio; Mensa; Niekto; Kikiilimikilii; Michael Deliah & Simon Whetham; Miquel Parera Jaques
Downloads: 25
[audio]Podcast February 26th - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Fosel - Self released (self released) - Melancholy elephants (buben vs anton mobin remix) - Dull stars VO Stig Inge Oy - (Petcord) - 68 - 99 - 09 VO Cagey House - Calico pastry Sunshine (Bypass) - Lower the bubble viewer - Billboard whiskers - Tu et la flea de la plage - Cagey house is a big sissy VO pArt of the street! Introducing: blu http://www.blublu.org/index.htm Video: COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis VO James Wyness - Musi...
Keywords: ntns radio; Fosel; Stig Inge Oy; Cagey House; Blu; James Wyness; Ralp
Downloads: 21
[audio]Podcast February 12th - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel The inventors of aircraft - Lull (Audio Gourmet) - The depths (don't be scared) - The arc of visibility - Back and fill VO Landrecorder - Fern battles (self released) - Rita - Black hill - English landscape - sketch I VO abc100 - A lot of crabs (4-4-2 music) - birth math - girlfriend - mini - omlet - Elf - dog - Deleuze VO Clouds in my home - S-archive (Passage) - S-1 - S-5 - S-6 interlude Tzii & Ayato - Fleurs de charbon (Nohmad) - profond minerai - cheval etrie...
Keywords: ntns radio; The inventors of aircraft; Landrecorder; ABC100; Clouds in my home; Tzii & Ayato; Darren McClure; Sweetness follows; Willy Stamati; Melophobia
Downloads: 17
[audio]Podcast November 13th 2010 - mystahr
Delia Derbyshire does John Peel Muied Lumens - Start point (Just not Normal) - Alienative - Antidistance recalculator VO Lee Rosevere - The vela companion (Light years book ii) (TestTube) - Chapter five - You are a floating star - Chapter six - Haumea VO Joan Bages i Rubi - Decontrucció instrumental (Hazard records) - Interseccions mixtes interlude El sueño de la casa propia - Historial de Caidas (Pueblo Nuevo) - En mangas de camisa - Un paso al costado - Acomodate en el suelo - Sosiegate...
Keywords: ntns radio; Muied Lumens; Lee Rosevere; Joan Bages i Rubi; El sueño de la casa propia; Abluonihil; Son Clair; Miquel Parera Jaques; Achnn; Dichotomy Engine
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[audio]Dirty Stuff 1964 [tmth06C] - Mystahr
Afficionados of the music of Mystahr have come to recognize that specific blend of madness and magic that characterizes it. The uninitiated will gain a fine introduction to it through the sound of "Dirty Stuff". To refer to it as 'power-electronic' sound would sell it short; the sounds, noise and dynamics seem to be propelled by thier own power, the knobs and controls attempt to channel this power as best they can, and the end result is a sound you really feel that you can stand back and look at...
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[audio]Mystahr - POO! (ca111) - Mystahr
Mystahr is a Dutch mad scientist with a love for walking as far away from the envelopes as possible. Having been a professional DJ for about 15 years in 2000 he totally stopped spinning records. 2003 marked the year that he invested in his own home studio that has never stopped growing ever since. His love for all things electronics lead him to trying to become as independant as can be from computer sourced sounds, with a particular fondness of machinery from the 60's - 80's...
Keywords: experimental; soundscapes
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